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Automated Guided Cart System (AGC)

FATA Automation specializes in producing automated Guided Cart Systems for easy handling of large unit loads.
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FATA Automation is a worldwide leader in the engineering, manufacturing and supply of automated guided carts (AGC). Key applications include automotive body shops, automotive paint shops and automotive final assembly systems. 

FATA Automation’s automated guided carts are systems in which they have a continuous working flow. They are vehicles that haul large unit loads from one area to another. The vehicles are programmed to operate to its designated workstation. The accuracy and precision of the AGC maintains consistent controls of unit loads every time. It can load items of any size and capacity. An AGC would increase productivity and maintain steady results. The AGC can also be placed in the automated storage and warehouse for better organization. By integrating an AGC to your working location can decrease operating costs.

FATA Automation’s goal is to serve our customers needs for high quality, flexibility, cost efficient, and state-of-the-art material handling systems. FATA Automation provides the excellent service to our customers. We are able to deliver competitive systems that allow customers to continue service with FATA Automation. For over 70 years FATA Automation has been developing innovative solutions for the automotive, heavy equipment, engine, marine, security, defense, aerospace, car park, electronics, pharmaceutical, white goods, and food industries.


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